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Your body is your most physical, manifested self. Various aspects of your body (movement, form, function) exist across multiple dimensions. Thanks to Western medicine, we know a lot about how the body functions, how cells operate, and thankfully, we also have many life-saving technology at our fingertips.

Dr. Ashley focuses bodywork on four pillars of practice: interoception, nutrition, yoga, and sleep.

Interoception is the ability to feel inside our body. This is an invaluable clinical skill, personal habit, and a protective practice against compassion fatigue.

Nutrition is another key pillar. Many of us suffer from depleted digestive systems, incapacitated detoxification systems, and chronic fatigue. It's often easy for helpers to overlook their nutrition as they squeeze lunch in between caring for others. Dr. Ashley teaches helpers how to prioritize their relationship with food.


Yoga is one of the best ways to optimize the body, and different types of yoga stimulate different responses. No matter which form you choose, yoga is an excellent multidimensional practice. In consultation with Dr. Ashley, clients and students learn practices to implement between clients to reset the nervous system and resolve vicarious trauma.

Finally, sleep is a critical pillar for well-being. Developing good sleep hygiene and beginning a practice in dreamwork are two key skills Dr. Ashley teaches.

These four pillars provide the "Body Basics" of Dr. Ashley's teachings.

the building

If the mind is the blueprint, the body is the building. While the mind moves quickly across time and space, the body is forever positioned in the here and now. Although we envision the blueprint in an instant, we must use time and repetition to build it. 


Being a helper is an incredibly demanding job - yet it takes a significant toll on our nervous system. Dr. Ashley teaches quick body-based practices to use between clients and empowers them with information about nutrition and sleep so they may take better care of themselves out of office too.

lifestyle practices


You are what you eat. So why not eat well?