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Being sick and burnt out has absolutely nothing to do with self-care.


All the yoga, meditation, massages, and rest in the world won’t ever get to the heart of illness, compassion fatigue, vicarious trauma, and burnout - but self-regulation will.


My name is Dr. Ashley Anne, and I’m a licensed neurocounselor who uses coaching and consulting to teach therapists, empaths, and healers how to prevent and recover from being sick - as well as compassion fatigue, vicarious trauma, and burnout - to restore the vitality they deserve in their personal and professional lives.


Using research informed by Interpersonal Neurobiology, I help my clients move from overwhelmed and overworked to educated and empowered by teaching them specific clinical and communication skills to amplify their impact while reducing the residue of their work.


My passion for a career rooted in vitality is inspired by my own lifelong illness and nasty bout of burnout that hit me only six months into working full time as a trauma therapist. Despite practicing self-care and seeking professional support, I was crippled by my body and the burden of carrying the stories of my clients - and no one could tell me why. This experience launched a 10+ year research journey that led to a more true understanding of the underlying interpersonal and neurological factors that lead to being sick, feeling fatigued, suffering from vicarious trauma, and being burnt out - and was the path that set me free to do my work and life my life in ways that finally didn’t hurt.


Within my online coaching and consultation practice, I guide clients in finding their flow - feeling sensations, sharing stories, and acting on signals - to get what’s ‘stuck in’ the nervous system to ‘move out.’


In this way, I don’t teach self-care. I teach self-regulation.


This is what unlocks the magic of happiness, health, wealth, and freedom.


Learn more about my approach in my TEDx Talk here.

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What Clients Are Saying

She definitely knows the science behind how our brains and bodies work together. She breaks down all the research in a way that is easy to digest and incorporate into real life scenarios. ~ J.E.

Services & Pricing


Coming Home: Online Program - $279

  • This online course is a required pre-requisite to all coaching sessions with Dr. Ashley. Click here to learn more.


currently unavailable - express interest for the waitlist here

Coming Home Coaching Package - $594 | 4 sessions  ($999 value)

  • Students are enrolled in Coming Home online course for free ($279 value)

  • Four 45-minute sessions to be completed within 60 days enrollment ($720 value)

  • Sessions are booked upon enrollment and scheduled after the completion of modules 4, 5, 6, and 7

  • Offers an opportunity to ask Dr. Ashley questions to apply the course to your personal and professional life

  • Empowers clients with personal and professional practices to promote vitality and prevent/recover from compassion fatigue, vicarious trauma, and burnout

  • Facilitates in-session exercises to resolve the neurological residue (i.e. autonomic nervous system dysregulation) of vicarious trauma

  • Students are eligible to purchase additional coaching following completion of Coming Home program







Case Consultation Package - $630 | 4 sessions

  • Specifically designed for helping professionals (e.g. counselors, social workers, family therapists, teachers, nurses, doctors)

  • Four 45-minute sessions to be completed within 90 days

  • Focused on case consultation to examine the intersection between client material and provider vulnerabilities for compassion fatigue, vicarious trauma, and burnout

  • Education is provided on tools and therapeutic approaches designed to amplify the impact of the work while reducing the risk for compassion fatigue, vicarious trauma, and burnout

  • Specific experiential exercises are delivered to resolve the dysregulated related to vicarious trauma

Project Consultation - $270 | 60 Mins

  • Research consultation and collaboration

  • Project management

  • Intervention design and development

  • Corporate program development

  • Online course creation

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Coaching & Consultation is for you if...

  • You're sick of being sick

  • You're a professional with an independent license to practice in your state: counselor, therapist, case worker, doctor, nurse, first responder, teacher, crisis worker, body worker, energy worker, yoga instructor, mentor, coach, etc.

  • Your heart is invested in the work you do

  • You're feeling exhausted, irritable, and/or resentful

  • You're feeling just fine about you're work but you totally want to up-level your life

  • You know you're going to have to give up if something doesn't change right now

  • You're experiencing insomnia, acute physical and mental stress, hopelessness, or the need to cover your pain with humor

  • Your professional life is interfering with your personal life

  • You've tried increasing your self-care and seeking support, but nothing is working

  • You don't have enough sources of support

  • You want to optimize your protective practices

  • You're a total nerd about neuroscience

  • You're interested in a holistic, emotion-focused, communicative lifestyle

  • You want to feel like you're thriving - not just surviving

  • You're invested in creating a culture where everyone everywhere can be healthy, wealthy, happy, and free

  • YOU want to feel healthy, wealthy, happy, and free