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COVID-19 changed the world in many ways, forcing us to evolve unexpectedly and to quicken the pace to progressing much of modern life. The global crisis it triggered affected everyone, and it was no doubt a traumatic event for millions of people around the planet. In this webinar, Dr. Anne discusses a little-known consequence of COVID-19, what she calls a "Compassion Crisis," a phenomenon that plagued helping professionals, sensitive ones, and highly empathic people. Listen in as she helps you understand this experience and why its effects are still with us today.

Please note, the podcast has been rebranded. You can find it here.

Also, this webinar was initially connected with a course called Compassion Cleanse. You can now have a similar experience in Dr. Anne's group experience. Learn more here.

If you're struggling with a compassion crisis, please consider joining one of Dr. Anne's groups.

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