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Quantum describes the teeniest tiniest physical part of something. An electron within an atom is one example, and a photon of light is another. Quantum Mechanics is the study of these very small somethings, such as atoms and other subatomic particles.


Dr Ashley believes these teeny tiny somethings matter in not-so teeny tiny ways.

Here's the thing: everything in the Universe vibrates.


Particles in the air vibrate at a different pace than the particles in your chair. And the more solid something is, the more compressed those particles are. But everything vibrates, and human beings work the same way.

What we think, what we do with our body, and how er interact all influences how our mind, body, and relationships vibrate. Paying attention to energy is just as important as paying attention to what we can see, smell, taste, touch, and hear.


This isn't woo-woo make-believe stuff - this is measurable. And it's called the biofield. Dr. Ashley teaches others to protect, cleanse, and renew their biofield using specific, strategic practices in their professional and personal lives.

the biosphere

Shamini Jain and colleagues (one of whom was Dr. Deepak Chopra) used the term biofield to describe "a field of energy and information, both putative and subtle, that regulates the homeodynamic function of living organisms and may play a substantial role in understanding and guiding health processes." Our nervous system is highly influential in creating these vibrations because it is electric.

Put simply: invisible dimensions matter.

Ancient traditions have been focused on the biofield for millennia, and now Western scientists are getting on board. Mastering energetic vibrations in the ethereal plan and elsewhere is required for counselors to prevent compassion fatigue and resolve vicarious trauma.

lifestyle practices


Using sound waves to create harmony and combat chaos.