Image by Le Minh Phuong


Many of us think about the mind as the space holder of our thoughts, and we're partly correct. Our personal subjective experience, our sense of knowing, and our perceptions get filtered into the mind and manifest as images and impulses that can be translated into words -- what we've come to think of as thoughts.

But the mind is also so much more.

The mind is a collective, ever-changing, self-organizing dimension that influences the construction of all other dimensions. With awareness, the mind becomes a blueprint for a beautiful life (or the busyness of it all can lead to compassion fatigue, vicarious trauma, and burnout).


In Dr. Ashley's model, she teaches her clients and students about the mind-body connection in a way that makes their interventions more effective and efficient.

the blueprint

The mind is a mechanism for moving energy and information. On one level, this means  what you attend to, grows, and what you ignore, fades away. On another level, this means that what we allow to flow within our minds can become manifested in the body, in our relationships, and in our biofield.

Your state of mind is important, and we can measure the process of mind creating mattter. The most illustrative example of this happens with brain waves. If we were to hook you up to an EEG and instruct you to change your thoughts, the electrical wavelengths in your brain would change too. These brain waves move into subcortical systems in your body (nervous system, digestive system, endocrine system, etc.). In this way, your thoughts literally create your form.

Since this is true, all of us should place enormous effort on clearing the clutter and constructing a beautiful vision in our minds. Dr. Ashley teaches lifestyle practices and clinical interventions to do just that.

lifestyle practices


The art of fully paying attention to the sounds in our mind.