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Anne's Anatomy™ is a cutting-edge model of stress with life-changing implications. It reveals the truth of who we are and what we can do (spoiler alert - it's not just fight and flight!).

Understanding that we have Twenty Tendencies (not two!) has been transformational for me. Without it, I'd still be sitting in a 250 square foot apartment battling with my body and ? with my mind. My research changed my life - as well as the thousands of people I've served teaching, counseling, and coaching across the country.

With the help of technology, you can now access this wisdom from the comfort of your couch. Browse the courses below.

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Beyond Fight/Flight

Beyond Fight/Flight is a quick course that reveals the real deal behind the stress response. Far beyond the fight/flight model, it reveals the 20 F's of Stress - including ones you have never heard before like FIX, FOSTER, and FLEX - AND gives you a sneak peak into how each of them are connected to being sick and tired.



- Easy Access Phone App
- 3 Quick, Easy-to-Understand Lessons
- Opportunity to Ask Dr. Ashley Questions

- $50 Discount for Coming Home course



- Dr. Ashley's Personal Practices

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Coming Home

Coming Home is the most comprehensive course available that details the Twenty Tendencies of the stress response because it not only defines the 20 F's of Stress, but also teaches you specific philosophies and practices for how to resolve them.

To learn more about how this course prevents and resolves burnout, click here.

To learn more about how this course prevents getting/resolves being sick, click here.



- Easy Access Phone App
- 21+ Lessons
- 5+ Hours of Educational Content
- 6+ Hours of Bonus Content
- Detailed Course Guide for Note-Taking
- 6-Month Practice Calendar
- Financial Transaction Tracker
- Opportunity to Ask Dr. Ashley Questions



- Burnout Webinar for Therapists
- Burnout Webinar for Online Teachers

- Burnout Webinar for Parents
- 12+ Multidimensional Yoga Classes
- Dr. Ashley's Personal Practices

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