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A Lifestyle Lesson for Molding Reality

Have you seen the last Harry Potter movie? If not, don’t worry, I’m not about to spoil anything for you (and also, you should watch it).

There’s a scene where Harry is speaking to Dumbledore in what appears to be a dream. He asks Dumbledore it’s real or if it’s just happening inside his head. In true Dumbledore fashion, he responds in the most profound way:

Of course, it’s happening inside your head, Harry. But why should that mean that it’s not real?

I believe our culture undercuts the power of imagination, forcing us to decide that the third dimension is real and everything else is not. I think the biggest mistake we all make is giving up our imaginary friends and “getting real” once we hit adulthood.

Deciding what’s real is a superpower.

It helps us to discern what matters, what’s valued, and where to continue to put our precious time and attention.

Where we place our energy, we emphasize.

When we decide something is real, it grows. When we decide something isn’t real, it fades away.

When we decide bills, fees, and poverty are real, they grow.

When we decide disease and disorder are real, they grow.

When we decide bigotry, discrimination, and oppression are real, they grow.

The same goes for the opposite.

When we decide paychecks, passive income, and wealth are real, they grow.

When we decide health and happiness are real, they grow.

When we decide inclusivity, love, and belonging are real, they grow.

So please do not underestimate the impact of discerning what’s real from what’s not.

Most of the time, this decision about reality is entirely passive. We decide something is real because it’s been agreed upon by those involved in creating collective consciousness.

The bankers, tax auditors, and repossession companies have all decided that bills, fees, and poverty are real, so you do too.

Pharmaceutical companies, doctors, and insurance companies have all decided that disease and disorder are real, so you do too.

And too many people have all decided that bigotry, discrimination, and oppression are real, so you do too.

But what if they don’t have to be real? What if we could each decide what is real and what is not? What if you had the power to stop poverty, disease, and oppression from coming into existence and instead bring abundance, health, and freedom into reality instead?

Guess what?

You can.

We humans operate in ten dimensions, and we have the power to move energy and information within and between these dimensions to create what’s real to us.

If you decide every day to meditate and create a reality in which you are happy, healthy, wealthy, and free, AND you decide that version of reality is REAL, that is what will grow.

It sounds simple, because it is.

The bad news is that too few of us will believe this truth enough to actually achieve it.

The good news is that some of us do believe it and we are achieving it right now.

Joe Dispenza, among others, is leading the way.

Here are three practices to mold your own reality.

SEE: Notice which parts of your life you want to change.

And be honest.

Take a few minutes and write down everything about your life that you love. On another page, write down everything about your life you’d like to change. Take the second list and turn it into a list of things you’d like to create instead.

If you want less chronic pain, for example, the next list would include “comfort in my body.” Or if you want less conflict in your relationship, the next list might include “intimacy and connection in my relationship.”

The last list is the one you’ll hold onto.

STOP: Slow down enough to practice morning meditation.

It might be odd that I’m telling you to start something in the STOP category, but hear me out.

Meditation, making space, and creating quiet in your life is not an affirmative action. It’s a negative one. It requires very little energy to sit down and daydream, but it requires a lot of energy to say NO to everything else you might rather do – like sleeping in, watching the news, spending time with your partner, etc.

To start a morning meditation, you actually have to say NO to everything that’s not, in fact, a morning meditation practice. Say NO to everything else for 30 minutes in the morning, and viola! You will create time, space, and energy for meditation.

START: Dimensionalize your new reality every day.

Now that you’ve protected 30 minutes (or more) in the morning, use this time to sit in silence with the list of things you’d like to be more real. Take a few moments to connect with your breath and settle your attention into your heart center. Imagine a beautiful, warm, pleasantly heavy sensation there. Once you’re settled, use your imagination to bring your list to life.

Walk through a day in your new reality from morning to evening. Take a stroll through your new house, browse your overflowing bank account, cuddle with your new cat, and have dinner with your new date.

Whatever it is, don’t just visualize it. Dimensionalize it.

FEEL it in your body. See it, smell it, taste it, hear it, feel it, and move within it. Experience it as though it’s three-dimensional. And have fun! Don’t limit yourself.

Don’t ask for $50,000 when you really want $250,000. Don’t ask for someone who likes cats if you want someone who loves cats. Don’t ask for a three-bedroom apartment when you want a six-bedroom lake house.

Allow yourself to play in your imagination and allow the reality you create to be beyond what would otherwise be considered a “wildest dream.”

Once you can feel this new reality in your cells, you can end the meditation and begin your day in 3D as this new version of yourself.

But here’s the most important part!

The 3D world can’t be what’s real to you anymore. Your imaginary one is.

Move through your day as if that $250,000 is already in your bank account. Have cool cat conversations with your new significant someone. And take a few moments every now and then to look out at the lake from your new patio.

When something is real in your mind, your body doesn’t know the difference. It will believe it’s real too. And through the magic of quantum physics, your body will change and eventually your environment will too.

Happy day dreaming!

MAGIC MANTRA: What I imagine is real.

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