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A Lifestyle Lesson for More Self-Worth

How many times a day do you berate yourself for your mistakes? Or critique yourself in the mirror?

How many hours do you hustle? And are you ever content with the number of items you’ve checked off your to-do list?

For many of us, we spend much of our day hustling and bustling trying to do things that will make us feel satisfied with ourselves. We fix our hair. We double check our spelling. We make certain we’ve done what others expect us to do.

At the end of the day, very few of us can look back and say we slowed down, self-reflected, and stayed within the limits of our daily energy quota.

Sometimes these patterns come from trying to make money. Other times they come from trying to grow children. And yet other times it comes from maintaining a partnership that is important to us.

All of these efforts have value, and these goals are beautiful. But at what cost do they come?

When we spend our lives hustling, it’s easy forget that simply by being, we are inherently worthy, valuable, and precious. Self-worth isn’t something you achieve or earn. It’s already been divinely given to you by the Source of everything.

Your existence inherently makes you worthy of the entire world.

You do not need to earn it.

Here are three practices to help you believe this precious truth.

SEE: Take stock of how you feel at the end of your day.

What’s your energy like before your rest your head? Are you exhausted? Or fatigued?

Being exhausted is a delicious experience. It’s very physical and is a sign that you spent your day moving your body and manifesting your mind’s desires in ways that have discharged the daily energy reserves in your cells. There are many times when I’ve gotten to the end of my day and I’m just WIPED – in the absolute best way.

Then, there are other times when I get to the end of my day and I’m fatigued – not exhausted.

Fatigue feels like a fog. The body feels a bit heavy and numb, and the mind feels bored and dull. Fatigue can make us feel like we want to crawl into bed just so the day is over (only to put ourselves through the fatigue again the next day).

If you’re exhausted, great! It’s unlikely that you’re hustling for your worth. Instead, you’re probably spending your day doing something you love and it’s using you all up.

But if you’re fatigued, you might want to consider examining how you are draining yourself in an effort to feel satisfied with yourself.

STOP: Avoid looking outward for worthiness.

It’s not located there.

You are worthy simply because you exist…

But our culture doesn’t really want you to believe that.

In fact, there are a lot of people on this planet benefiting from you believing that what they have to sell is going to make you feel worthwhile (e.g., more beautiful, sexier, a better parent or partner, etc.).

Stop using cultural or familial standards to gauge how you’re doing in life.

START: Look inward before you look outward.

Because so much of being physical is based on what we see, we humans have created a culture based on how we look.

In the morning, try this practice.

Avoid the mirror for as long as you can. Instead, sit quietly with your hand on your heart and ask yourself these three questions.

How am I feeling?

How much energy do I have?

What do I need?

Just being with yourself in the morning can trigger a healthier relationship with yourself. One that tells your bodymind, “You matter.”

And when we matter, we start to get in touch with the infinite worth our existence brings.

MAGIC MANTRA: My existence is precious.

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