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A Lifestyle Lesson in Listening to Your Guides

Just don’t say anything.

I hear the phrase as clearly in my head as if someone had whispered into my ear, and the clarity is so alarming that I can remember it vividly almost seven years later.

I had arrived home to the apartment I shared with my partner, walked into the kitchen, and saw a $50 bottle of tequila sitting on the counter. Normally, this would bring me great joy as this particular brand of tequila was my favorite at the time.

But considering this bottle was bought by my alcoholic boyfriend who kept making promises about saving money, I am displeased and don’t know what to do.

I stifled my initial rage reaction and sat on the bed, getting grounded enough to hopefully get some sense in what to do next. That’s when I heard it.

Just don’t say anything.

It’s not my voice in my own mind, and it’s not coming from outside my head. It’s definitely originating from me but it does not feel as though it is of me.

That’s the first time I heard my spirit guides speaking in clear sentences.

I’d been in conversation with them before, following instructions, telling them how much I did not like the instructions, following them anyway. They’d always been a source of comfort and guidance as long as I could remember, but I’d never heard them so clearly, so precisely, and so audibly before. Usually, I had to decipher signs and use vague sense to respond to what they said.

What they said made sense though.

I was done being the authoritarian in my relationship. If my partner wanted to run himself ragged and continue his relationship with alcohol despite the clear problems it caused, so be it.

I couldn’t change him and I was done trying.

So I listened to my guides and didn’t say anything until he brought it up. The rest is a story for another time.

For now, let’s stick to the spirit guides.

I believe all humans inherently have access to spirit guides, ancestors, angels, and all kinds of ethereal entities all the time. They see all, know all, and will help us be all.

We just need to learn to listen.


I don’t really like calling it psychic writing, but I learned psychic writing from someone who called it psychic writing, so we’ll just call it psychic writing for now.

This practice is sort of like hosting a Q & A with your spirit guides.

Sit quietly as though you were going to enter a meditation. This means protecting your time and space, getting grounded, and connecting with your breath. Have a pad of paper and pen handy.

Once you feel settled in, write an invitation. This might be something like: Dear guides, thank you for being here. Please use this time to tell me what I need to know.

Then, write out a question and sit quietly.

Whatever enters your mind next, write it down. This will be your response.

Write write write whatever you hear until the energy dissipates. You’ll feel when the response ends.

From there, you might continue the conversation with a question or a comment. Continue this connection until you feel some sort of resolution.

End by writing a phrase expressing love and gratitude: Thank you for being with me, guiding me, and allowing me to hear your words today.


I use this one all day every day.

Whenever you encounter a problem or a moment of confusion, simply state it out loud: I don’t know how to keep the puppies from locking themselves in the bathroom while I walk Milo.

That was one of mine today, no joke.

Listen to whatever thought comes next.

Check the lock, I hear.

Turns out the lock wasn’t the solution, but after a few confusing interactions with the door and about twenty minutes later, I realized that removing the door handle was.

Surrender up your confusion and send it off to your guides. Let them work on it and present a solution. If you keep obsessing over it, ruminating over it, and chewing on it, they’ll never get to receive the energy to work on it because you never released it.

Let them to do the work and seek the solution. You have an entire team on your side; use them.

This is a lesson I’m still learning over and over every day, but the more I hand over my I don’t know to my guides, the easier my life becomes.

MAGIC MANTRA: A part of me always knows.

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