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A Lifestyle Lesson in Luxury

The quality of the vibration moving through your skin as sensation is the antenna you use to communicate your desires to the world. You must feel what you want before you have what you want.

This is especially important when you’re working to channel more abundance into your life.

If you want more money, you have to feel as though you already have more money. This sensation communicates to the universe that you are the type of person who has money, so of course, they’re going to send money your way.

Pst - sometimes this requires a few years of training you how to understand, save, multiply, and manage money. So be generous and gracious with yourself as you grow.

When your cash flow is low, it can be tricky to channel a wealthy sensation. After all, many of us are programmed by society to be scared of money – not having it, having it and not knowing what to do with it, and losing it. Hell, we’re even taught to feel ashamed if we love it!

But here’s the thing, you gotta love what you want to call in. And if you hate money, you’re going to literally repel it like a heavy duty can of Raid.

I love money, don’t you? It’s like… the best thing ever. The wonders we can do with money!

If you’re seeking more abundance financially, it’s important to surround yourself with financial abundance so that you can feel financially abundant.

On the surface, this sounds problematic, right?

How am I supposed to surround myself with financial abundance if I don’t actually have financial abundance?

The answer?

Seek luxury, feel luxury, and live luxuriously – no matter how much money you do or do not have.

And have fun! Quite literally, the circuit that calls in cash is FUND… FUN is literally in the word.

There are tons of ways to live luxuriously even with little cash flow. Here are a few of my favorites.


When I think luxury, I think pristine, so I keep my space pretty damn clean. For example, I vacuum almost every day. There’s nothing that makes me feel dingier and in despair than being surrounded by dog hair. I love my Frenchie, but I do not love his Frenchie glitter. So one of the most important rituals I have is making sure I clean up that glitter so I can bask in the clean, luxurious life I want to live.


There’s nothing more luxurious to me than falling into a cozy cloud of bedding at night. Feeling softness helps me feel soft, and feeling soft feels expensive. The great thing nowadays is that cozy bedding doesn’t have to be too costly. A down comforter and a duvet cover are all you need to feel that cozy, high-end hotel feeling.


There have been moments in my money life when I can splurge on a spa experience, but for the most part, I’ve grown very accustomed to giving myself spa experiences at home. If my nails start to get too dirty and my cuticles too overgrown, I feel neglected – and that makes me feel impoverished. To foster luxury, I make sure my nails are trimmed regularly and that my hands typically feel pretty.

I also trim my eyebrows – not just pluck them, but trim them with an itty-bitty pair of scissors. My facialist taught me how to do this way back when the dough was rolling in, and for whatever reason, it feels like a spa experience to me.

I also take hot baths and slather myself in oils whenever I can. My feet are currently covered in jojoba and marjoram oil and wrapped in saran wrap – a little moisturizing ritual that makes me feel uber taken care of.


Without fail, I have always lived in wealthy places with beautiful homes built on budgets far beyond my own. Sometimes that means I’m living in a 250 square foot studio apartment. Other times, it meant living in a one-bedroom built in 1920 where I had to harass the property manager for months before they finally pulled out my porcelain sink to reveal a giant, gaping hole in my kitchen wall.

Regardless of these less-than-ideal living arrangements, they allowed me to be surrounded by wealth – big houses, beautiful landscaping, and rows of high-end real estate. Seeing wealth makes me feel like I belong in wealthy places, and that’s very important for creating luxurious sensations.

MAGIC MANTRA: I deserve to feel luxurious every day.

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