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A Lifestyle Lesson in Manifestation

Manifestation is an increasingly hot topic and is usually meant to describe the ability to bring into reality that which we desire.

Whether you listen to Oprah or read Joe Dispenza or follow Deepak Chopra, many spiritual and scientific teachers are emphasizing the need for more of us to understand the truth of who we are and what we can do.

To break it down, manifestation is the act of taking infinite potential (from the quantum field), selecting the potential we wish to receive, and then making ourselves into a vortex that transforms these potentialities into actual matter.

Put more simply, it’s the act of taking the invisible mind and turning it into observable matter.

While there’s a lot to learn on this topic, the actual practice is rather simple. You must teach the matter of your body to receive the desire in your mind.

This means you must FEEL how you wish to FEEL to…

BE who you need to BE so you can…

DO what you need to DO so you may…

HAVE what you wish to HAVE.

The feeling is the most important part because it’s the molecules of your body that call in the molecules of your desire. For this reason, mastering sensation is the absolute most important thing you must do.

Unfortunately, our experiences and traumas program our body to emanate sensations from our past. And as long as we’re stuck in this pattern, it’s tough to program a bigger, brighter future.

Trauma happens because we get stuck.

A trauma happens when an overwhelming situation teaches us that we cannot fight, flee, fetch, foster, follow, etc. to resolve it. Trauma literally limits the body by pinning it down and making it helpless.

In this state, manifestation is impossible.

Although I didn’t know it at the time, becoming a trauma therapist and helping people release their past to make space for their future was one of the most important lessons I’ve learned in manifestation.

Now, sensate meditation is the primary technique I use in my personal life and my professional practice. It’s the culmination of my research in neuroscience, counseling, yoga, and quantum physics, and basically boils 10+ years of research, practice, and experience into 10 minutes.

When used daily, it’s a simple practice that can bring your dreams to life.

Here a three step process that introduces you to sensate meditation so you can begin letting go of your past to free the energy needed to manifest your future.

SEE: You must clearly envision that which you wish to call in.

Visualizing your desire is the first step to manifesting anything. This means dropping your past programming related to limitations about what you believe you can do.

This is why representation in the media is so important.

It’s critical that young girls see girls as superheroes, that boys see boys cry, that non-binary people see themselves on stage, that people of color see themselves as worthy and wealthy, that LGBTQIAA+ people watch their love on screen, that physically and mentally divergent people witness themselves be successful - the list could go on and on.

When we see someone like us being successful and valued, it opens up the possibility that we can be successful and valued too. So when identifying our desires, it’s important to open the scope of possibility.

Don’t watch bad tv and negative news for inspiration. Instead, seek out people who are pushing the limits of what it means to be human and see what they feel and do.

Once you’ve found inspiration, imagine with great detail not only the qualities of your future, but also the qualities of your future self - specifically, what will you have and how will you feel?

Write this all down.

Joe Dispenza has a great approach to this in his book Becoming Supernatural.

STOP: Stop yourself when you aren’t feeling those feelings.

Trauma teaches us to become addicted to our past emotions. This is because this past emotion worked during the trauma and it saved our lives. Feeling it understandably feels like a reward.

So if avoiding eye contact, keeping your head down, and feeling shame protected you from being abused as a child, your body thinks this emotional state is a very good thing.

When trying to manifest your future, you must stop this addiction in its tracks.

Whenever you find yourself pulled into worry, anger, frustration, shame, or other negative emotions. Stop that train as soon as you can.

The more you stop feeding energy to vibrations that don’t serve you, the more energy you’ll have to feed vibrations that do.

START: Practice a daily sensate meditation.

Now that you are clearing energy away from dissonant vibrations and past energy, you can begin to program your cells with your desired vision so that your body can call your new reality to you.

You can do this meditation sitting or lying down, as long as you don’t fall asleep.

First, connect to your breath and then scan your attention across your entire body - head to toes - blessing your entire body with love and affection.

Then imagine you can dissolve into nothingness. Personally, I imagine myself melting into black goo - the infinite, nothingness void of the universe. I’ll even say ‘become the goo’ to myself silently.

For the first few minutes of your meditation, simply be present with nothingness. You will get distracted by thoughts, unhelpful emotions, and old sensations. That’s okay. Just let them pass by without attaching to them or following them.

Once you are in a more grounded, goo-like state, you’ll begin your new programming.

Recall your intention and bring those desired emotional stated into your cells. If you chose empowered as one of the emotions of your future, feel empowered in your cells. Gratitude is always a good go-to.

Feel these emotions and let them wash over you. You might even cry or laugh or shake. Let the energy flood your system, reprogramming your cells and bringing your desires immediately to life.

Once you’ve shifted into that sensation for a bit, it will likely pass on. As the energy completes its cycle, allow it to leave you, take a few breaths, and when you’re ready, open your eyes.

The trick moving forward in your day is to continue breaking the addiction to emotions that don’t serve you and replacing them with emotions that do.

MAGIC MANTRA: I feel and so I am.

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