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A Lifestyle Lesson in Solving Problems

Quantum physics is modern day mysticism that reveals the power we humans have in creating reality as it unfolds.

Here’s your quick tutorial.

Most of us have been taught that atoms look like the solar system. The nucleus is in the center where the proton and neutron live. And the electron revolves around the center just as Earth revolves around the sun.

But this actually isn’t how an atom looks at all.

It’s more accurate to say that the nucleus is surrounded by a haze of energy in the form of waves that hold possibility to become electrons. It’s only when this mysterious haze is observed that a single electron appears.

Take a look here.

Make no mistake, the act of observation is the most powerful magic on the planet. Observation collapses waves of energy and creates the particle of matter in 3D. This is how we create our lives.

The quality of your observation influences the quality of the matter, which means the quality of your perception influences the quality of your entire life.

Life is not an objective experience. There is no right or wrong, good or bad, happy or sad experience. There is only the subjective observation of it.

You might think $25 isn’t much money, but if you give that same $25 to someone who’s starving, the subjectivity of the experience becomes obvious.

As a woman, a little bit of menstrual pain isn’t intrusive, but if you give that same pain to a man who’s never felt wounds of the womb, the subjectivity of the experience becomes obvious.

There’s power in the magic of perception, because if life is subjective, that means you are the subject, which means you are the narrator, writer, and creator all at once.

You control how matter unfolds around you based on the way you observe it, collapsing waves into particles along the way. Your perception is everything, and if you perceive your life as a series of problems, that’s what will continue to unfold in your reality.

Take problems, for example.

It’s true to perceive problems as problems, but it’s also true to perceive so-called problems as solutions. Solutions are always on the other side.

A low bank account is the solution to your struggle with lack. Transcend what you see on the screen and you’ll become a person who’s free to see the true abundance in the world.

Loneliness in your marriage is the solution to your struggle with self-fulfillment. Transcend your sense of disconnection and you’ll become a person who loves themselves first.

Your troubled skin is the solution to your trouble with boundaries. Learn to set boundaries and heal your skin, and you’ll become the kind of person who feels safe inside their cells.

How you observe your experiences programs the quality of gravity you will use to call them in.

You are not a person. You are a planet.

If you are a planet full of problems, that’s all you’ll ever call in.

If you are a planet who sees only solutions, that’s what will surround you.

Reprogramming your gravity so that it matches the quality of what you desire is the most important work you’ll ever do, and it’s the only work you’ll ever have to do.

Life doesn’t need to be so hard.

Change your gravity, change your reality, change your life.

Starting seeing only solutions.

This perception is just as true as spending your life viewing only problems.

Why not perceive something better?

Here are three practices to only create solutions in your life.

SEE: Notice the sensation you create by perceiving problems.

When you see a low balance in your bank account, encounter a disagreement with your partner, or feel taken advantage of in your work, notice how your body responds.

Take note of the tension in your shoulders, the tightness in your chest, the rigidity in your face, and the acceleration of your heart rate.

Problems in the external world are linked to perceiving problems from the internal world.

In fact, it’s actually your internal world of problem perception that’s creating your external world of problematic experiences.

As above (beyond your skin), so below (beneath your skin).

When you notice a “problem” in your life, shift your attention away from what’s going on outside of you and move more energy inward.

STOP: Cease the sensation.

The good news about pulling your attention inward is that you have quite a bit of control over your internal world. A long exhale will slow your heart rate. A bit of consciousness can drop your shoulders. And a simple smile will release the tension in your face.

The body becomes addicted to sensations related to problems. The sensations of distress, discomfort, and despair become familiar. The familiar becomes faster, easier, and your default mode.

The first step to breaking a pattern of perceiving problems is to break your body’s addiction to the sensation of that perception. You do this first by noticing the sensation, and then by stopping it as soon as you can.

START: Change the sensation.

Reprogramming your sensation is at the core of recalibrating your gravitational pull and making it easier to see solutions instead of problems.

Once you notice the sensation connected to your problem, stop it as soon as you can. Then, replace it with a more desirable sensation – in this case, one that is solution oriented.

Jumping up and down, doing a forward fold to change your blood flow, taking 10 deep breaths with long exhales – these are all ways you can change your sensation in 60 seconds or less.

If you couple this sensation-shift with a new story, now you’re getting somewhere.

Try this story: The solution is already here. I just need to see it.

By perceiving an alternative sensation in your cells and story in your script, you’re reprogramming your gravity to call in more solutions instead of more problems.

If there’s a problem, there’s always a solution. Your experience will depend on which part you perceive.

MAGIC MANTRA: Solutions seek me every day.

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