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A Lifestyle Lesson in Taking Time

Time is a human construct, a level of reality that we as humans have the privilege to exist within.

There is, of course, a part of us that exists beyond space and time. Our soul and our seeing mind pays no attention to the restrictions of then and now. But the remaining eight dimensions must follow the rules of time and space.

Unfortunately, we humans have been taught that time works against us.

Our culture amplifies the negative aspects of aging, emphasizes the need to schedule every experience, and delivers penalties and fees when things are “late.”

Because of this programming, it’s easy to think that time isn’t on your side.

But it is.

Always has been. Always will be.

You just need to learn how to use it.

There is a part of us that is all-knowing, all-seeing, and always-existing. It’s this part of us that knows exactly when we should do what, where, and how. And this same part of us knows how time should be spent in this lifetime.

Learning to listen to the rhythm of your life takes practice, but here are three tips that can help.

SEE: Notice how you relate to time.

How we relate to time determines how it will relate to us.

Do you feel there’s never enough? If so, you are embedding a quality of “lack” into your time.

Do you constantly show up late? If so, you are communicating that time is not valuable.

Do you dread moving forward with your life? If so, you’re establishing a contract of dread, hesitance, and apprehension with time.

To use time to our advantage, first we must be aware of how we relate to it. Only then can we truly understand the meaning WE are making of it.

STOP: Avoid pushing through time.

Time is precious. It’s the only gift we are given as humans. What we do with our time and energy creates our life.

So do not underestimate the power of TAKING our time.

Taking our time means slowing down, sure. But it also means taking stock of how we’re spending our time and making sure that the things we’re doing during our precious time on this planet are not things that bring down our vibration.

If we’re just trying to “get through” or pushing through a to-do list every day that we dread, we are not taking our time. Instead, someone or something else has TAKEN our time from us.

To reclaim your time, you must push back on the energies that are stealing it from you. This means recalibrating our daily lives - family, friends, work, exercise, play, rest, nutrition - so that the things we spend our time on are things that fill us up.

If we are “pushing through,” chances are we are not TAKING our time. Instead, it is being TAKEN from us.

Stop tolerating your time and start using it.

START: Protect your time with your life.

Because your time IS your life.

That’s it, folks. Time is all we have. If we feel as though it’s slipping through our fingers fast, it’s because we’re not creating boundaries around it to claim it as our own.

When you spend time on something, do you feel energized or drained?

This is the single most important quest we can ask ourselves when determining how we are going to spend our day.

Does this mean we’re only ever going to do things we enjoy?

Of course not. Daily life is filled with things we must do to survive and maintain ourselves.

But it does mean taking a seriously look at how we are spending our most precious commodity and evaluating whether we are receiving a return on that investment.

Sometimes the things I love and enjoy the most leave me physically exhausted at the end of my day. But these same things fill my heart with meaning, joy, and pride.

Protect your time and use it for the good you want to create in your life. Schedule your life according to YOUR energy field - not someone else’s - and protect it like it’s the only thing you’ll ever own.

Because it is.

MAGIC MANTRA: My time is my own.

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