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Actually, You Can ☀️

Mercury finally went direct at 10:17pm CDT on Sunday evening, and thank goodness! In case you don't know, Mercury Retrograde is a planetary phenomenon that happens about every three months every year. It's what happens when the planet Mercury looks like it's orbiting backwards from our perspective on Earth. Although all the planets orbit the sun in the same direction, Mercury is going so much faster than Earth that every now and then it laps us, making it look like it's going backwards. When that happens, its gravitational pull feels different from Earth and it can cause all kinds of wonkiness. Remember, this astrology and astronomy stuff isn't frilly and fake. Gravity has a real effect on water - like with the moon and the tides, and because everything on Earth involves water, everything is affected by shifts in the stars. From what I heard from friends - and from what I experienced in my own life - this last Mercury Retrograde was pretty intense, particularly in relation to the Subtle Dimension. Out of the ten dimensions in Anne's Atlas, the Subtle Dimension is the fourth. In Interpersonal Neurobiology, the Subtle Dimension is correlated with all experiences related to FEAR - the affective system that helps us determine whether to approach or avoid. In Yogic Philosophy, the Subtle Dimension is correlated with the Solar Plexus, which is connected to Personal Power and the ability to take action. In Quantum Physics, the Subtle Dimension is correlated with Atoms, which is the small cluster of particles (neutrons, protons, electrons) that are the precursory to 3D molecular matter. This latest Mercury Retrograde supported our evolution related to FEAR, personal power, and manifestation. Put simply: It empowered us to better approach situations with right action so that we can bring a better life into manifestation. It brought us just the right vibration to learn how to feel more able, empowered, and capable in life... Which we can only learn to exercise when facing a doubtful, disempowering, and disabling situation in our life. If your past few weeks felt pretty hard, this is one reason why. The beauty of a Mercury Retrograde though - of facing doubtful, disempowering, and disabling situations - is that it gives you the opportunity to push against resistance within and outside of yourself to develop the muscle you need to exercise your personal power. For example, let's say your boss overlooks an achievement you made. On the surface, this seems like a bummer. But at the truest core of reality, everything in the Universe is designed to liberate and love you. If you look a little closer, this bummer moment with your boss is actually a beautiful opportunity to learn to recognize your own work, celebrate your achievements, and strengthen your self-expression by speaking up. Every moment of overwhelm is an opportunity. This is the principle at the heart of Interdimensional Lifestyle Design, which is rooted in the Four Fundamentals of Being Human: immortality, interdimensionality, integration, and interstellarity. Because you are immortal, you have infinite access to Creative Source Energy. Because you are interdimensional, you can express Creative Source Energy in both metaphysical (limitless) and physical (limiting) dimensions. Because you are integrative, you can connect the limitlessness of the metaphysical to physical limitations to mold Creative Source Energy into matter. Because you are interstellar, you can use this interdimensional connection to cultivate gravity that attracts all the matter meant for you. In the world today, it's easy to feel powerless. The media feeds off our stress and despair, and marketing that emphasizes your pain points is literally everywhere. But you are not a powerless being, and this is the reminder I believe Mercury brought us this time around: No matter how overwhelming, hopeless, stuck, disempowered, disappointing, or depressing your situation is... No matter how many times you've failed to move through something in an empowered way before... No matter how much you or others might be tempted to pity you... And no matter how many oppressive forces may fall upon you... You do, in fact, have the power to design a life you love. The reason these reasons don't matter is because you - as an immortal, interdimensional, integrative, and interstellar being - can mold matter as you see fit. You just need to remember the truth of who you are and what you can do. At Anne's Atlas, that is exactly what we're here to do. When you're ready to dive into Interdimensional Lifestyle Design, to amplify your personal power, and to truly call in the happiness, health, wealth, and freedom that's meant for you, I'll be here. Until next time, Dr. Ashley Anne PS - If you enjoy this content, could please take a moment to subscribe to Anne's Atlas on YouTube and share this adorable video of Milo with someone you love? Thanks so much

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