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Today is the last day to enroll in the Gravity Optimization Group. This time around, I believe we'll be focusing on trauma, healing from the past, and letting go.

If this resonates with you, please learn more here and submit your interest form today.

This morning as I did my sensate meditation, Milo was curled up on my lap after an early morning hike in the woods. When I brought my awareness back to the third dimension, I realized my furry friend was covered in fleas.

Considering my sister introduced me to the idea of snow fleas yesterday, I really wasn't surprised.

The adult fleas came off in the tub and it was about time for Milo to get another dose of flea and tick medication anyway, so any eggs that they laid in that brief time aren't going to see the day of light.

Still, the back-to-back experience with those bitty jumping bugs motivated me to search their spiritual meaning. What came up was no surprise: someone who is feeling overwhelmed by their surroundings and serves as a suggestion to find quiet, dark places to heal — anticipating a rebirth.

After the past seven days, that is exactly how I feel.

Seven days ago today, I got the surprise opportunity to do a surprise interview which placed a surprising (but helpful) deadline on a publishable draft of the book I mentioned last week.

I'll share the interview and a link to the book when it's time.

I also had some serious opportunities to heal trauma related to the distorted male gaze, financial security, physical safety, and sexual sovereignty. Not the lightest of loads, for sure.

Although I'm quite exhausted today, I'm also very grateful for the quality, intensity, and direction of energy in the air right now and am happy for the opportunity to evolve.

I've been a student of global energy patterns for over a decade now. Whenever something is going on individually with me, I always check into resources - such as Lee Harris' Energy Update - to research what's going on collectively.

We humans are tiny celestial bodies living on a giant celestial body moving through spacetime at magnificent speeds. This visible, physical movement reverberates on an invisible, energetic one as well.

The vibration of the earth is called Schumann's Resonance, which is basically the earth's aura. As tiny celestial bodies created from the earth, Schumann's Resonance plays an enormous part in our overall happiness and health. Researchers made this pretty clear when they put some human subjects (who consented to such madness) in special rooms that blocked out the earth's vibration. Simply put, it didn't take too long for them to get super stressed out and sick.

We humans also have auras - what Western scientists call the biofield. This is the energetic reverberation that happens as a result of vibrations from our physical and quantum selves.

The point is that energy matters, and our aura is connected to the earth's aura. When the earth's aura shifts, so do we. When our aura shifts, we contribute to the collective vibration of the entire planet.

This means that the earth is constantly communicating with you, and you are constantly communicating with the earth. Everything you experience is a signal, and I believe all those signals are meant to help you evolve.

So when I get the signal in the form of an opportunity to be on a radio show to promote my book, you better believe I spend the entire week making sure I can put something online.

It was a challenge to step up to meet this opportunity, but wow - so fun! I not only discovered that I love doing interviews, but I also unraveled patterns of sexual trauma, co-dependency, domestic violence, and the manipulation that the male gaze often holds. I couldn't be more grateful, and I couldn't be more tired.

Responding to this signal also meant that I stayed up until 5:30am not one, but two nights this week (the part of the video with Milo sleeping was in the middle of the night), so I was a pretty boring dog mom. Milo's pool party in the park and his early morning hike was an effort to make up for that.

I'm very grateful I had the time, energy, and resources to respond to such a fun energetic communication - it paid off big returns. So when my sister mentions fleas and then my dog has fleas, you better believe I looked at shit up and plan to respond to it wholeheartedly.

I'm going to take my energetic message from the flea seriously: it's time to hole up this weekend. To go into a dark little cocoon and prepare for some serious rebirth.

If you're reading this today - March 10, 2023 - and are feeling similarly ready to let go of the old and bring in the new, please submit your interest form for the Gravity Optimization Group today. Click here to learn more.


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