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Today's Frenchie Friday is short and sweet, inspired by the bouquet of roses and stargazer lilies I bought earlier this week.

The roses I got myself on Valentine's Day reminded me how much I adore flowers, so I've been getting them ever since. Having them in the house instantly makes me and my home feel more beautiful, luxurious, and special. That's the kind of substance I want to call into my life, so that's the kind of sensation I want in my body. If all it takes is a bouquet of blossoms to trigger that sensation, I'm all for it.

At some point this week, I wondered why I haven't been getting myself flowers all along. Not only do I skip the bouquets, but I hardly ever buy plants with blossoms too.

The 'rational' reason?

They die.

I haven't been buying flowers because unconsciously I've picked up the belief: if they're going to die anyway, what's the point of enjoying them at all?

What a total bummer.

It's one thing to have this belief about flowers, but the tricky part is that belief systems color our perspective of the entire world. So it's not a far leap between flowers and other parts of life.

If I'm going to move anyway, what's the point of making friends at all?

If I'm going to feel tired anyway, what's the point of working out at all?

If it's going to end anyway, what's the point of going on vacation at all?

If it's going to end anyway, what's the point of enjoying youth at all?

If it's going to end anyway, what's the point of falling in love at all?

If I'm going to die anyway, what's the point of enjoying life at all?

Bleak belief system for sure.

The Stargazers have certainly awakened my awareness and because I can see the bummer belief, I can change it.

BECAUSE the flowers will die, I must enjoy them even more.

BECAUSE I may eventually move, I must make many friendships while I'm here.

BECAUSE I feel tired, I must exercise while I have the energy.

BECAUSE the opportunity is fleeting, I must go on vacation.

BECAUSE youth ends, I must enjoy it while it lasts.

BECAUSE all love will end, I must fall in love as many times as possible.

BECAUSE my life will end, I must enjoy every moment.

Needless to say, I'm going to keep buying more blossoms.


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