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Updated: Mar 3


THE PODCAST | Two new episodes of Anne's Anatomy were published this week. The first was a conversation with Emilee about ease, and the second was called Let's Talk About Trauma.

THE GROUP | The Gravity Optimization Group begins March 13. If this experience feels resonant to you, be sure to submit your interest form before Friday, March 10, 2023.

FREE WEBINARS | Two free webinars were published this week. The first is a discussion of the Compassion Crisis triggered by COVID, and the second is a visual presentation and notes for the trauma podcast.


I am definitely dawdling and dabbling today, walking the fine line between procrastination and protecting myself from #fridayfatigue. The struggle is real.

The past couple of weeks have been pivotal in almost every dimension of my life - personal, professional, and everything in between. One of the larger factors is birthing a book that's about to be ready for release into the world.

If you followed my writing when I was #suvliving, you know that October 2022 triggered me to finally take my writing seriously. So between walking around in wintry Lake Tahoe and trying to stay warm in the car, I wrote a pretty solid summary of the pillars upon which my work has been built.

I thought the first publication was going to be a primer of sorts, a complete summary of Interdimensionality, Gravity, and the lifestyle practice I live today. So you can imagine my surprise when in the middle of the night in mid-December I drafted almost an entire book on reclaiming self-love using sensation. A pleasure workbook of sorts for people with feminine energy.

The creativity of Higher Intelligence never ceases to amaze me and always seems to surprise me.

Although I'm tempted to tell you more about the book now, the timing isn't quite right. I'm still mid-journey, moving through the sensation of intimidation and all the other residue that's burning off from the process of writing what is becoming a beautiful book.

Of course, I thought it'd be published by now.

I hoped today I would be sending you a link and showing you my work, but alas. Instead, I'm recovering from a vulnerability hangover after a big bout of writing over the last couple of days.

It's a mini-miracle my writer is showing up for #frenchiefriday, so let's just celebrate the small wins for now.

In the meantime, it's a reminder that #timing is everything and as much as my human hates it, it is usually (always) beyond my control.

Milo is a good muse because he's always moving to the tick tock of his own clock. He sprints to the dog park, crawls back from it in his own damn time. Eats on what appears to be a random schedule and demands to do the things he loves when he wants to do them.

The way he came into my life is probably the most powerful lesson in timing. From my perspective, he took a long long time to arrive.

Considering he was only 10 weeks old when I found him, he probably showed up as quickly as he could.

As I wrote about in The Adventures of Milo and Lotus, I imagined Milo for three years before he pounced into my life. At first, I thought perhaps he was a white bunny with a bushy tail and button nose. Then he was a big-eared hairless cat who liked to cuddle because he was always cold. Then he was a teacup pig, snorting his way through my dreams.

In April 2019, I'd finally fixed the kitchen in my 1920s apartment which had been neglected by maintenance for years. It was a huge project and by finishing it, my apartment was finally my home.

That night, I found his photo.

The next day I picked him up.

He could not have shown up in my life a day earlier. I wouldn't have been ready for him. My apartment wasn't functional and my energy was needed elsewhere. As soon as that was done - BOOM.

My little bunny, cat, pig showed up as all three in the form of a Frenchie.

It is my experience time and time again that this is how gravity works. You can't make what's meant for you show up any earlier than it's meant to, so you may as well enjoy the journey as you go.

Milo isn't the only experience I've had in significant timing.

For three years, I checked the weather in Corpus Christi, Texas while living in Chicago. I'd found a PhD program I knew was meant to be, but I didn't apply until my cushy job made it very clear it was time to move on. I made the decision to move within a month, immediately found an apartment, and was diving into the salty beaches weeks later.

I once spent less that three minutes on a dating app only to instantly match with the perfect partner for that point in my life. My Hyundai Santa Fe died right after I moved to a new city where I got a ridiculously amazing deal on a new SUV within a few days. I found the apartment I live in now thirty minutes after a friend recommended my new city, and the second the gravity group wrapped up last month, a brand strategist appeared to help me prepare for the next phase of business.

What you are seeking is also seeking you.

As celestial bodies, you are bound to collide and when it's time, it will happen fast and effort-free.

The only thing you ever need to do is to stay pointed in the direction you want to go, calibrating your sensation so that the substance comes to you at the exact moment it will make the most impact in your life and the lives of everyone around you.

It's not a matter of tenacity. It's a matter of time.

So like Milo, may we all move in our way, in our own direction, on our own time.


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