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Can you feel the energy of renewal in the air? I certainly can!

My mind is filled with creative ideas, optimistic visions of the future, and the kind of certainty no one can shake. Meanwhile, my body is absolutely buzzing - my legs are bouncing, my heart is pounding, and if I didn't know better, I'd think I was on the edge of a panic attack.

But it's not panic that I feel. It's the delightful momentum I've been waiting for.

To sustain it, I've started building what I call "sustainability structures" into my life. These are boundaries, routines, and non-negotiable habits that are design to contain and funnel this energy into a foundation upon which all this creativity can grow.

For a house, the sustainability structure is a basement. For your body, it's the food you use to fuel your day. And for a creative human such as yourself, this means using very specific limits and boundaries to put your energy exactly where you want it so that it plants a seed that's sure to grow.

For me, this looks like creating a weekly work schedule where I'm doing specific tasks on specific days. It looks like limiting the length of these weekly posts so I have the energy to write my book. It means that I stop thinking about the future and instead invest my precious energy into the only place where it can grow - here and now.

As a part of this practice, I've been slowly re-reading The Alchemist by Paolo Coehlo and listening to Eckhart Tolle's podcast on OWN.

I especially appreciate how Tolle talked about problems as thought patterns and how intolerable, dysfunctional, and difficult life can get right before an awakening. I highly recommend it!

My hope for you is that you take all this buzzing energy and invest it in yourself. Grow "your business," which to me doesn't necessarily mean an actually business.

It simply means that you are always investing your precious energy into parts of your life that will pay you back. The tricky part here is that in order to do this, you must also stop leaking your energy into the parts of life that will never pay you back - for example, taking care of others who don't bring you delight, paying for fake food, or giving your precious creative power to a profession or people who don't allow you to keep what you create.

Take all this buzzing springtime energy and invest it into something that gives you a beautiful return on that investment. It's the only way to build a sustainable life, and it's how being human is meant to be.



There are a lot of new things just around the corner for me, the work, and my brand: a new website and logo, new self-guided online courses, and finally - a book! I'm so excited to share these things with you in the next few weeks. For now...


Without question, some of the most powerful work I do is through supporting people one-to-one. For some time now, I've been working on so many other projects (all coming very soon!) that I wasn't able to offer this kind of guidance. So many of you have requested individual sessions that it's inspired me to offer them again.

If you're ready to take advantage of the renewal energy of spring, use the buttons below to book a session to get started. If you're brand new to working with me, be sure to book an Initial Session. Otherwise, if we've worked together before, feel free to book an Interdimensional Lifestyle Coaching session.

The booking app is in testing mode, so if these links don't work for you, please message me here and we'll get you scheduled.

If you've reached out to me recently, feel free to schedule! Otherwise, I'll be emailing you personally in the next few weeks to check in.



With all the changes I'm making, Milo's weekly videos are moving back to his Instagram account. You can find him @miloandlotus.


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