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Self-Love Through Cyclical Living

In this free webinar series, Dr. Anne and Tanya Kriesel have a meaningful conversation that defines cyclical living as a lifestyle that honors the ebb and flows of various cycles of life. From the Circadian rhythm to honoring feminine and masculine energies and from moon cycles to menstruation, Dr. Anne and Tanya walk listeners through the many rhythms of life that need to be accommodated if you are to be happy, healthy, wealthy, and free.

An Introduction to Cyclical Living

Cycles of the Body

Cycles of Healing

Sanctuary Experiences


Dr. Anne and Tanya collaborate to support others in implementing cyclical living into their everyday life. Currently, you can work with them during Self-Love Sanctuary: A Weekend Retreat in Recovering Feminine Energy.

Self-Love Sanctuary is an educational experience that combines 1:1 sessions with three days of group ceremony and celebration to help you recover feminine energy and sovereignty.

Find Your Flow: Through 1:1 sessions with Dr. Anne and Tanya, you'll receive individualized support in recovering your unique feminine expression of self-love.

Connect with Community: We'll gather for three days as a group to safely and ceremoniously tap into feminine power and construct a powerful practice in self-love.

Celebrate Self-Love: Through educational sessions and feminine energy practices, you'll learn to nurture and protect your sovereign self-love.

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